Sneak Into The RV Kitchen With 12 Experienced Campers Who Share Their Hard Earned Secrets To Cook Epic Meals While Living On The Road

This VIRTUAL event will bring together people from across the globe who are passionate about camping, van life and great food along the way! 

The best part? It's FREE (for a limited time).


Speakers Featured In:

You will discover:

  • Get an insider look at their camp kitchen
  • Learn the secret tricks tto make simple food taste great
  • Tried and tested recipes to use on your next camping trip
  • ... And so much more! 
  • Our Incredible Line Up To Be Announced Soon...

    Get tips & recipes from real camping and van life enthusiasts who've already mastered the art of cooking delicious meals on the road from their RV or camp kitchen!

    Do You Want Insider Tips (and RECIPES!) From Experienced Campers Who Are Living This NOW?

    Get an inside look at what other people living on the road are doing to cook and eat nutritious food while travelling, and learn how YOU can put their tips and recipes into actions. 

    Yes, it really is FREE for a limited time! 

    It's kind of hard to believe that an event of this caliber is available for all to access in this age of COVID-19 where it's standard to pay top dollar for virtual events... but that's how we roll around here. 

    Why Should YOU Register For The Hungry Campers Summit?

    Incredible speakers & step-by-step recipes!

    It’s hard to believe the caliber of speakers that we have lined up for the Hungry Campers Summit. We’re bringing you experienced campers and van lifers so that they can give you their best advice for cooking on the road and share their favorite recipe to cook from a camp kitchen. We handpicked these people to bring you the best!

    Attend from wherever you may be — all you need is an internet connection!

    No matter where you are, you can still attend our conference. All sessions are online and can be watched from anywhere in the world! Just join us with your computer, phone or tablet... and sit down with a good cup of tea as you listen in to the sessions!

    Perfect whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

    No matter where you're at on your journey as a camper or van lifer, the power of community is undeniable. At the Hungry Camper Summer, you can connect with others to share recipes and be inspired by what others are doing. Our speakers hold nothing back - they will be sharing tips and tricks to help you get set up in your kitchen, as well as more advances hacks that might surprise even experienced campers! 

    Meet Your Host

    Host of the Hungry Campers Summit

    Two of the things that we love in life - travel and food - come to a point when we're able to live a life on the road, experiencing new places and culture while eating wonderful food. 

    Our mission with the Hungry Campers Summit is to connect people from around the globe who are interested in cooking scrumptious meals while travelling in their RV or camper van. 

    Our childhood holidays were usually in camping in the Australian outback, cooking in our makeshift kitchen and enjoying the meals together as a family. Now with a family of our own, we spend our time travelling around Europe to experience more of what there is to offer, and want to eat well in each place that we go in our RV! 

    Ready for a life-changing experience to connect with some of the best camp cooks in the world?

    Get an inside look at what other campers and van lifers are cooking while living on the road and try out some of their favourite recipes. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.